How to brew coffee with an AeroPress


Our ultimate goal in this post is to combat the trend of convenience and comfort that has play such a major role in making the people flee away from meticulously brewed coffee and lured them into the quick and easy coffee cup scenario. That does not imply that we are against time-saving contraptions as long as it does not make a compromise with the overall integrity of the coffee brewing process.

The AeroPress is phenomenal for a wonderful cup of coffee that is prepared quite swiftly without leaving any kind of mess behind. It may not be the most suitable of choices for large groups or massive caffeinating sprees as it makes only one cup at a time. But it certainly prepares a cup of coffee that will prevent you from visiting the barista in your neighborhood in search for quality. The coffee it brews is full of flavor and body and that is what all coffee lovers adore the most!

Things needed

1 – Heat up the water

As the first step, heat the water up to 185 degree F (85 C) or simply boil it. Once boiled, remove it after 30 seconds to get the suitable temperature.

We believe that the ideal temperature of water for brewing coffee is 205 degrees F (96 C). However, while using AeroPress, you can toy around with virtually any temperature varying between 185 – 205 degrees (85 – 96 C).

2 – Grinding the Coffee Beans

Have the beans grinded meticulously while the water gets heated until you have two tablespoons or 30 grams of them.

3 – Setting up the AeroPress

Rinse after putting the filter in the drain cap with hot water. Place the cap on the AeroPress and place it directly onto the mug or the vessel you are drinking from. Ensure that the cup is solid as you will be applying some pressure on it later on.

4 – Stir and Steep

Put the coffee into the AeroPress once the water is ready. Pour the water into the AeroPress and stir using the stirrer bundled along with the device.

5 – Plunge

After a gap of 30 seconds, gently plunge with only the weight of your hand. The finer you have ground the coffee, the longer it will take to plunge it. Thanks to the filter present in the AeroPress, finely ground coffee is possible which ensures enhanced flavor and color.

Stop pressing the plunger once it has been plunged to its full extent.

You may add more water for milder Americano fashion coffee. Drink it as it is in the AeroPress for a stronger, fuller coffee.

Inverted Method

You can also employ the inverted method wherein the AeroPress is flipped so that the filter or cap side is facing up with the plunger at the bottom. Stir the mixture of water and coffee. Put the cap and filter on after 30 seconds and flip it over the mug or tumbler and press in the conventional manner.

The World Atlas of Coffee is a great read and discusses this method in detail. We have tried this technique out and we are absolutely in love with it.

The technique is a combination of the full extraction of the long-steeping French Press with the filtering and airtight straining of the AeroPress. However, if not carried out appropriately, there is always a risk of a big, burning hot mess looming around.

As the mug or tumbler will be placed upside down on top of the AeroPress, so a sturdier one should be the way to go. The trick is to flip both the AeroPress and the mug in a single sweeping motion. Once you have a go at it, you will find out that it is pretty easy.

This technique produces the same body and flavor with a similar steeping time as the French Press. You can try blooming for a minute and steeping for three minutes or so. You can also try out different timings to see which one produces the best results for you.

Author Jeff Goins loves this technique and uses it to prepare coffee for himself every morning. He tells us to stop plugging as soon as it begins to produce a hissing sound for a smoother texture.

Cleaning up

Cleaning up the AeroPress is a straight forward affair. Detach the drain cap and depress the plunger over the trash bin to release the remnants. Rinse the entire gear with hot water and off you go!

If you are looking out for high quality coffee and yet you find yourself short of time, the AeroPress offers a brilliant compromise between the two. Whenever you are in a bit of a hurry, there is nothing better than using an AeroPress to brew a coffee that will blow your mind away.

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