Perfect Temperature to Brew Your Coffee


Brewing coffee is all about the perfect temperature, they say!

Majority of the reasons for lackluster coffee find their roots steeped in imperfect temperature. Whether you over heat them or keep them under heated, the coffee beans are not able to unleash their wholesome goodness.

Regardless of the brewing technique you opt, there is a single perfect brewing temperature that is independent of the type of coffee bean you have brought home. Get this number affixed somewhere in the deep dark corners of your mind: 205!

Yes, you got it right, folks! 205 degrees F or 96 degrees C is just about the right temperature to prepare any kind of coffee with any kind of brewing approach. Either you can attain this ideal temperature or estimate it based on your brewing gear.

This can be accomplished even with conventional thermometers but the laser thermometer is a far more reliable and accurate tool which can be had from any hardware store in the neighborhood. This also enables you to determine the temperature distantly.

An electric gooseneck kettle equipped with an electronic base enables the user to configure and keep track of the exact temperature of the water inside the vessel. Reliable and must-have, these contraptions come in handy for the coffee aficionados who want nothing but perfection when it comes to their favorite cup of morning joe.

If you do not have access to any of the above scientific gizmos and are using a plain pot or kettle, you can always employ the traditional method of ascertaining the right temperature. Just boil the water and once it has been boiled, remove it for 30 seconds which will ensure that the temperature stays within the range of 199 to 205 degrees F.

And when it comes to water, also keep in mind that tap water can have negative repercussions on the overall flavor of the coffee based on your area of residence. Filtered water is the best resort to ensure an impeccable cup of coffee.

Happy caffeinating!

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