How to Make a Coffee Travel Kit


Travel should, by no stretch of imagination, deprive you from indulging yourself into the delights that coffee has to offer. Travel as much as you desire, but a few crucial accessories that can be stuffed into your luggage can be the real difference between a splendid cup of coffee that can make according to your taste and that despicable liquid drink they call “coffee” at the motel.

Here are a few things that you will need to develop a coffee travel kit of your own.

1 – Heat the Water

You will not get the time and requisite gear to measure water’s temperature while you are on the go, so just boil it or have it run through the conventional coffee maker available at the hotel.

2 – Grind the coffee beans

With the Aeropress configured at fine grind setting, get the coffee beans ground till you have a couple of tablespoons of coffee or about 30 grams of it. We prefer to keep things nice and simple and fill up our 24 gram grinder which produces a perfect amount for a 20 ounce tumbler.

3 – Rinse and Get the Aeropress ready

Toss in a paper filter in the drain cap of the Aeropress and rinse it with hot water. Now, place the cap on the Aeropress and place it over the solid cup that you brought with yourself.

4 – Steep the coffee

Put the coffee in the Aeropress as soon as the water is ready. Pour it over the coffee while giving it a good stir.

Wait for about 30 seconds and then gently plunge with the weight of your hand.

You may add more water for a milder brew!

5 – Caffeinate with recklessness!

If you do not want to carry along with you the extra weight, you can let go of the burr grinder and just bring along pre-ground coffee. However, ground beans tend to lose flavor with every passing minute. Ensure that the pre-ground coffee is placed in an airtight sealed container.

The Aeropress mechanism has come to our rescue during travels yet again. It is light in weight and small in size and offers a brilliant combination of ease of use and a quality brew.

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